A 3 credit our professional internship (EDAD 684) is required to complete the Principal Certification. This course is required for certification as a school principal or superintendent by the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) of the State of Texas.  Students are expected to be within the last 12 hours of their certification program before registering for the internship in order to fully benefit from the experiences.

Mentor Requirements

  • You must have the agreement of a mentor who has certification in the area in which you are seeking certification who is willing to support your learning.
  • Your mentor does not have to be working as a principal or superintendent but must have the certification. For example, an associate superintendent or assistant principal could be certified but not serving as the superintendent of a district or principal of a building.
  • Your mentor should have the ability to involve you in activities in the area in which you are seeking certification, i.e. meetings, trainings, etc.

Course Requirements

  • This course is managed online. You will be expected to log-in on a regular basis.
  • The intern is required to complete written activities centered around the SBEC standards for certification in the area they are requesting.
  • The intern must log 144 hours of activities addressing the SBEC Standards.
  • The intern must keep a weekly journal of his or her learnings online.
  • The intern must complete a major project and 2 minor projects mutually agreed upon by the intern, the mentor, and the university supervisor.


To apply for the internship course, complete the Internship Application for School Administrators form. Completion of the internship application does not indicate your acceptance into the course.

When complete, e-mail the form to

You will receive a notice of confirmation from me within two days.  If you are having technological difficulties, you may fax the form to Dr. Robert Muller at (979) 337-9789.