Educational Human Resource Development

Join us to learn more about our Master of Science (MS) and Ph.D. programs in Educational Human Resource Development with an Emphasis in Adult Education or Human Resource Development.

July 26, 2018 | 6-7pm (CST)

August 23, 2018 | 6-7pm (CST)

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Human Resource Development (HRD), as defined by the HRD faculty at Texas A&M University, is the process of improving learning and performance in individual, group, and organizational contexts through domains of expertise such as lifelong learning, career development, training and development, and organizational development. Interested students have opportunities for international travel, professional presentations and writing for publication.

Recent graduates have departed for jobs as corporate and government trainers, directors, faculty members, administrators in primary, secondary and higher education, curriculum designers and consultants.

Master of Science (Human Resource Development)

A 37 credit hour degree program which allows an individual to take the required course work completely as Web delivery, or if so desired, may have an option of taking campus based courses too. Although a final exam is not required for this degree, individuals must compile a professional portfolio documenting degree progress, which is submitted in the last semester of coursework. 

Doctor of Philosophy (Human Resource Development)

Requires a minimum of 72 credit hours with a master's degree or 96 credit hours without a master's degree. This degree prepares individuals for professional work settings as well as faculty positions in research universities. It also offers a variety of courses in which a student may choose to emphasize in areas essential for the knowledge and skills necessary to meet your goals.  The GRE is required for this degree.

All courses are subject to final committee approval.

Tuition Estimator

Please visit the Texas A&M Student Business Services page and use the Tuition Estimator to gather a cost estimate for tuition and fees. This does not include course materials or distance learning fees for online courses.


To be admitted to the program, all students must follow the graduate admission requirements.