Bachelor of Science: Technology Management

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management is designed for students who have an interest in technology management in both the private sector and the public sector. The degree is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of roles in which technology applications are the process by which information and training are delivered and productivity enhanced.

A strong internship program provides the graduate with direct experience in the development and management of technology in a real work environment. These internships are designed to match the backgrounds and work interests of the student. The degree allows for a wide range of potential employment and accommodation to a diverse educational and professional experience. Since technology is a part of the productivity environment in all segments of our economy, the degree is designed and demands both managerial and technical skills. 

Beginning in Fall 2018, the internship course (TCMG 484) can only be taken with a maximum of 6 hours of additional coursework and the coursework must be online courses. 

Note: Applicants are reviewed by committee and admitted on a competitive basis. Meeting the minimum requirements listed does not guarantee admission.

Application Information


Students completing their studies in the technology management program will be capable of demonstrating the following competencies:

  • Possess a basic understanding of computers and networks from the perspective of management and support;
  • Understand design and convergence issues in the application of a  technical network;
  • Exhibit skills in the area of media development and deployment;
  • Administer practices for procurement, funding and other business applications;
  • Develop policy and security, along with training, for networks;
  • Contain competence in the design, implementation, and support in both educational and workforce environments

Potential Careers

Potential placements for graduates in Technology Management may include:

  • Large Corporations such as the Bell companies, Verizon, Dell Computer, Polycom, Tandberg USA, RADVision and Vtel Products
  • Any private business that has need for network development, management, security such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing and service industries
  • State agencies with networks to manage
  • Public schools and community colleges
  • County/city government
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Public and private broadcasting

Student internships will follow the interests of the student and reflect the list above.