Human Resource Development Minor

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Human Resource Development (HRD) is the process of improving learning and performance in individual, group and organization contexts through domains of expertise such as lifelong learning, career development, training and development, and organization development. A minor in HRD allows for a wider range of potential employment and accommodation to a diverse education professional experience. 


Requirements to add Minor:

1.  Overall GPR 2.0 or better

2.  Minimum 12 graded hours at Texas A&M

3.  No more than 75 total completed hours (A&M and transfer hours)

4.  Submitted application* (Please refer to application dates below.  NOTE: Link for application is available under the "Admissions" tab of department website.)

5.  Application Essay** 

  • Career goals with an explanation of how this degree program will help achieve those goals
  • Writing skills

Application Deadlines - 5:00pm

Summer/Fall Semester  10-Feb 10-Mar
Fall Semester 10-May 10-Jun
Spring Semester 10-Sept   10-Oct

**All applicants (major and minors) are reviewed by the program faculty.  A key element in the application is the essay identifying career goals and how this major/minor will help achieve those goals.  The number accepted into the program is dependent on the available space or number of students that can be accommodated.  Graduation numbers are monitored to determine space available in the program.

Note: Applicants are reviewed by committee and admitted on a competitive basis. Meeting the minimum requirements listed does not guarantee admission.



The following 12 credit hours are required:

EHRD 203 Foundations in Human Resource Development
EHRD 210 Legal and Ethical Environment of HRD
EHRD 372 Training and Development in HRD
EHRD 374 Organization Development 

An additional 6 credit hours are required from the following courses:

EHRD 315 Applied HRD in the Workplace
EHRD 371 Applied Learning Principles ("W" Writing Intensive Course)
EHRD 405 Principles and Practices of Leadership
EHRD 408 Diversity Issues and Practices in HRD
EHRD 413 Conflict Management and Dialogue

TOTAL = 18 hours

Human Resource Development minors will be limited to a maximum of 2 (6 hours) EHRD courses per term.  Please plan accordingly.

**Check course catalog for prerequisite information and requirements.

Must obtain a grade of C or better in all of the minor classes. 
A student must be a
U3 to enroll for EHRD 300 and 400 level classes.