Certificate in College Teaching

  • College Teaching

An effective teacher requires knowledge of students as learners, teaching, discipline, context and oneself as a teacher. The program is designed to explore these requirements and enhance the teaching experience of all graduate students pursuing careers in college or university setting.

The Certificate in College Teaching provides graduate students the opportunity to learn about the theory, practice and scholarship of college teaching and learning through coursework and an internship. The certificate may be completed while completing a degree in any department or by enrolling in a post baccalaureate non-degree status (G6) upon director’s approval.

Course Requirements

The certificate requires nine credit hours and a three-hour internship experience, for a total of 12 credit hours. Upon completion of the four-course requirements, students must request the certificate to be processed by completing the request form below and submitting it to the EAHR Graduate Advising Office in 563 HarringtonTower.

Required courses (9 credit hours):

  • EDAD 601      College Teaching

Choose two courses from the following:

  • EDAD 602      Community College
  • EDAD 603      Advanced Student Development Theory
  • EDAD 669      The College Student
  • EHRD 616      Methods of Teaching Adults
  • EHRD 630      Adult Learning


  • EDAD 684    Internship*

* The internship (EDAD 684) should be taken as the last course. All students are required to have their internships approved by Dr. Glenda Musoba, Certificate Coordinator before registering for classes. Learn more about the internship.

Equivalent courses might be taken in place of listed courses, but must be approved by the certificate coordinator prior to registering for the course.

After completing all courses, student must fill out and submit the College Teaching Certificate Request Form.