Residence Requirement

Texas A&M University requires all graduate students to complete a residence requirement during their degree program. The major purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the student has an opportunity to benefit from the advantages of a university environment. Advantages may include, but not limited to, accessibility of library, and physical facilities, and opportunities to participate in a variety of cultural activities. Equally important to the graduate student are the advantages of becoming acquainted with the faculty and other students on a personal and a professional basis. The most important advantage is to ensure that the faculty have the opportunity to properly evaluate an individual and his or her development to guide and direct his or her studies and to determine competency.

Doctoral students only will be required to submit a residency form to the department for approval. For specific minimum residence requirements, please refer to the degree program of interest below:

  • Master of Science - complete 9 credit hours during one regular semester or one 10-week summer semester.
  • Master of Education - complete 12 credit hours during the degree program.
  • Doctor of Philosophy - complete 9 credit hours in two adjacent regular semesters or one regular semester adjacent to 10-week summer semester.(Fall-Spring; Spring-Summer; Summer-Fall)
  • Doctor of Education - complete 30 credit hours of which 18 must be taken as a full-time student (9 hours regular semester; 6 hours summer semesters). This requirement may be satisfied by a student who presents any combination of full-time study during summer sessions of at least 6 weeks duration and/or work as a full-time student during regular sessions which totals in the aggregate at least 18 semester hours, accomplished within five consecutive years beginning with the first course proposed to apply to this requirement.

Students who are employed full-time while pursuing their degree may request the residency requirement be waived. Students must submit verification through our advising office to Office of Graduate Studies within the semester following the degree plan approval.

Verification includes:

  1. On office letterhead, a memo from the student's supervisor indicating date of employment, position held and job title and requesting that the residency requirement be waived;
  2. A petition of waiver with all committee signatures, which needs to indicate requesting waiver because full-time employee and place of employment.

When a student is ready to submit the request, he/she should visit with their appropriate academic advisor.

If not employed full-time, only doctoral students are required to fill out a residency form and submit it to the academic advising office. To be exempt from this requirement, students must:

  • Have an approved degree plan on file with the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Submit a petition for waiver or exception to university requirements stating that he/she is a full-time employee and with whom, and they are requesting the residency requirement to be waived. This petition should be submitted to the department advising office for processing.
  • Submit a letter from his/her employer on official letterhead stating the student's name, title, dates of employment and a statement indicating that the individual is employed full-time. This letter should accompany the petition to the advising office.
  • Application submission deadline for the Master's and Doctorate degrees is December 1 for Summer or Fall semester. Candidates will be required to come to campus for an interview with faculty if the faculty considers it necessary. All admission decisions will be made by mid-March.
  • All courses are subject to final committee approval.