Educational Administration with an emphasis on Student Affairs Administration In Higher Education (M.S.)

Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) is a graduate program leading to a master of science in Educational Administration. Learning, both in and out of the classroom, prepares graduates for their future career. 

The SAAHE program strives meet the needs of all students. The 45 credit-hour program is innovative, inclusive, and comprehensive. We expect to be known and respected for the quality, preparation, and professionalism of our graduates.

Highlights of the program:

·       2 year, 45-hour, comprehensive curriculum combining theory and practice (view the curriculum)

·       Cohort approach (14 - 18 students) which cultivates support and encouragement

·       Graduate assistantships and up to 12 credit hours of tuition/semester

·       2 practicums

·       Full-time faculty and experienced professionals teach courses

·       100% employment rate

·       Strong partnership with the Division of Student Affairs 


View all SAAHE admissions requirements.


Virtually all students receive high-quality graduate assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs and other related divisions/departments within the university. View more about assistantships.


The SAAHE program requires two practica of 150 clock hours each for a total of six credit hours (three hours each semester). The first practicum (Practicum I) is typically completed in the summer semester of the student's first year. The second practicum is typically completed in the fall semester of the second year. View more about the practicum.