Student Affairs Administration In Higher Education

The Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) specialization provides coursework and practica leading to a Master of Science in Educational Administration.

The full-time SAAHE curriculum emphasizes an exciting blend of classroom learning with practical experience. In addition to coursework (39 credit hours) and two semesters of comprehensive practica (150 clock hours each), students are encouraged to apply for graduate assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs or in related areas. One of the most distinctive aspects of the program is that it operates on a cohort basis, which allows approximately 15 full-time students to enter each fall and to progress together throughout the entire program. This unique structure cultivates support, encouragement, and friendships from the moment the SAAHE experience begins.

SAAHE Mission

The Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program strives to be innovative, inclusive, holistic, comprehensive, and adaptive in meeting the needs of all students, student affairs professionals, higher education and the nation.  We expect to be known and respected for the quality, preparation, and professionalism of our graduates.

The SAAHE program is a combination of theory and practice delivered through a challenging curriculum and broad experiences provided in a supportive environment.  Learning is enhanced through collaboration among fellow students, the Division of Student Affairs, the academic faculty, and other university entities.

Faculty and supervising practitioners at Texas A&M University are leaders in research, practice, and professional development.  The SAAHE masters degree is the beginning of a career-long association among our students, faculty, and practitioner colleagues.  These connections result in lifelong learning, reciprocal mentoring, and personal and professional relationships.

SAAHE annually invites a cohort of diverse students to prepare for leadership in student affairs.  Our students come from around the nation and the world; represent many majors, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles; possess a variety of academic and experiential backgrounds; and commit to the holistic development of themselves and their classmates.


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A strength of the program is that virtually all students receive high-quality graduate assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs other related divisions/departments within the university. View more about assistantships.


The SAAHE program requires two practica of 150 clock hours each for a total of six credit hours (three hours each semester). The first practicum (Practicum I) is typically completed in the summer semester of the student's first year. The second practicum is typically completed in the fall semester of the second year. View more about the practicum.