The Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development

The Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development (EAHR) develops educational leaders and improves practice through teaching, research and service in the areas of public school administration, human resource development, higher education administration, adult education and student affairs administration. Statewide and nationally, EAHR graduates, faculty and staff play major roles in the education of children and adults.

As one of four departments in the School of Education and Human Development, EAHR is currently home to about 380 undergraduate students, 392 graduate students, 22 faculty and 22 staff.

Student Highlight: Jeff McCanna

Creating Inclusive Environments in Schools - Dr. Jean Madsen

Program Highlight: Adult Education

Education Administration
PK-12 Educational Leadership
Higher Education Administration
Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
Educational Human Resource Development
Adult Education
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development Honors
Technology Management
Technology Management
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“What I enjoy most are the opportunities to work with such a diverse, intelligent, talented group of life-long learners,” said Druery. “People who are helpful, friendly and want to see you succeed encourage me on a daily basis.”

 – Donna Druery

Educational Administration and Human Resource Development

Current Graduate Students

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Defense | Rhonda Beassie | April 18th

Defense | Bhagyashree Barhate | May 19

Event | EHRD Student Informational Session


Rhonda Beassie | April 18th

“How the “Danger Tours” Inform Protection of Controversial Speech in the Marketplace”

Chair | Dr. Vincent Lechuga

Members | Dr. Glenda Musoba, Dr. Krista Bailey and Dr. Julie Harlin

Bhagyashree Barhate | May 19

“Career Aspirations of Gen Z in India’s Information Technology: A Grounded Theory Exploration”

Chair | Dr. Khalil Dirani

Members | Dr. Noemi Mendoza-Diaz, Dr. Jia Wang and Dr. Laura Stough


EHRD Student Informational Session

The EHRD faculty will be hosting a student informational session Friday, April 8 from 12:00-1:30. This is open to all EHRD Masters and PhD students. This month’s topic is “Job Hunt”. Faculty and former students will be giving advice on how to be successful when searching for a job. Topics include:

  1. CV writing for different positions (Academic jobs vs. Industry jobs)
  2. Interview etiquette
  3. Timeline for conducting a job search
  4. Negotiations

Lunch will be provided for those who attend in person. We will have a Zoom link available for those at a distance. Please RSVP by noon on Wednesday, April 6.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the information or links on this page, please contact the graduate advisors.


MySEHD Website

The Graduate Forms Page on the MySEHD Website contains important links and files to help EAHR Graduate Students navigate various academic processes. Information on the below can be found on the page:

  • Handbooks
  • Milestones
  • Forms
  • Degree Plans
  • Research courses
  • Teaching in EAHR
  • Presentations
  • Graduate Representative Advisory Board (GRAB)

Degree Plans

The Degree plans for each EAHR program can be found on the MyCEHD Webpage or on the Academic Program Page on the EAHR Website.

Graduation Information

For departmental graduation requirements, please be on the look out for important information sent from the email account.

For university graduation procedures and information the graduation website contains resources, quick links and deadlines.

Registration Information

For information regarding registering for EAHR courses, please be on the look out for important information sent from the email account.

Graduate Advising

The role of the graduate advisor is to serve as an administrative liaison for graduate students navigating the administrative requirements of graduate school from the admissions process to degree completion.

Graduate advisors do not consult with students about specific coursework.

We can be reached by e-mail at

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