The Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development

The Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development (EAHR) develops educational leaders and improves practice through teaching, research and service in the areas of public school administration, human resource development, higher education administration, adult education and student affairs administration. Statewide and nationally, EAHR graduates, faculty and staff play major roles in the education of children and adults.

As one of four departments in the School of Education and Human Development, EAHR is currently home to about 380 undergraduate students, 392 graduate students, 22 faculty and 22 staff.

Student Highlight: Jeff McCanna

Creating Inclusive Environments in Schools - Dr. Jean Madsen

Program Highlight: Adult Education

Education Administration
PK-12 Educational Leadership
Higher Education Administration
Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
Educational Human Resource Development
Workforce, Adult, & Lifelong Education (WALE)
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development Honors
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“What I enjoy most are the opportunities to work with such a diverse, intelligent, talented group of life-long learners,” said Druery. “People who are helpful, friendly and want to see you succeed encourage me on a daily basis.”

 – Donna Druery

Welcome from the Department Head

From Dr. Dirani

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development. The mission of the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development (EAHR) extends beyond preparing students to be leaders in school as well as non-school settings BUT also to cultivating skills and dispositions to thrive in evolving social, political, demographic, and economic settings.   

Students in both undergraduate and graduate programs in EAHR engage in rigorous and impactful learning experiences preparing them for the exciting, complex, uncertain, and sometimes troubling world of education and human development. The department’s world-class faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service and integrate theory, research and practice in their teaching. Students are immersed in a culture and community dedicated to lifelong learning and preparation for the realities of tomorrow.

EAHR offers various undergraduate and graduate degree pathways to suit diverse academic and career interests and goals.

Undergraduate students may seek a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Development. Students receive a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of their choice through real-world applications and internship experience.

At the graduate level, the department offers masters and doctoral degrees in educational administration (EDAD) or educational human resource development (EHRD). Depending on career objectives, each program offers diverse degree tracks that prepare students for the demands of applied practice and or research.

In educational administration (EDAD), students have the choice of specializing in (a) PK-12 educational leadership, (b) higher education administration, or (c) student affairs administration in higher education (SAAHE, masters level only).  In education administration, graduate students may select among an array of degree options, each focusing on particular knowledge and skill sets in leadership and administration, college teaching, and or research.


Students majoring in educational human resource development may select either (a) adult education or (b) educational human resource development as their specialization. Students choosing the adult education emphasis are prepared to serve in teaching related positions in business and industry, health care institutions, government agencies, and post-secondary education. Students specializing in educational human resource development gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful leaders in the field.

Irrespective of degree, EAHR is fully committed to accommodating the diverse and evolving needs of our undergraduate and graduate student populations. In addition to the traditional face-to-face/work week course scheduling, a considerable number of our courses are delivered in fully online, blended, and weekend based formats and two graduate degrees are delivered entirely online (M.S. in Educational Human Resource Development, Adult Education specialization & M.Ed. in Educational Administration, PK-12 Educational Leadership specialization).

EAHR also offers non-degree seeking continuing education opportunities through the Training & Development certificate program, the Administrative Leadership Institute (ALI), the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL), and the Education Leadership Research Center (ELRC).

These are indeed exciting times at Texas A&M University. I invite you to explore the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development physically and virtually and discover the many strengths of our programs. Our department warmly welcomes you.

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