Human Resource Development

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development (HRD) is designed for students who have an interest in Human Resource Development in both the private sector and public sector. The degree is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of roles in human resource development for business, industry and education. As defined by the HRD faculty at Texas A&M University, HRD is the process of improving learning and performance in individual, group, and organization contexts through domains of expertise such as lifelong learning, career development, training and development, and organization development.

A strong internship program provides the graduate with direct experience in the development and management of human resource development skills in a real work environment. These internships are designed to match the background and work interests of the students. The degree allows for a wide range of potential employment and accommodation to a diverse education professional experience.

Beginning in Fall 2018, the internship course (EHRD 484) can only be taken with a maximum of 6 hours of additional coursework and the coursework must be online courses. 

Note: Applicants are reviewed by committee and admitted on a competitive basis. Meeting the minimum requirements listed does not guarantee admission.

Application Information


Students graduating from this program will be expected to develop the following skills and competencies:

  • Assist in the development of organization strategic planning  and work with Organization Development;
  • Work with staff of training department in developing programs, designing intervention strategies, & implementing HR programs;
  • Develop and coordinate work teams, quality management, change reports, etc.
  • Specialize in training, instructional design, and multimedia;
  • Select and staff the training for instructional methods and techniques;
  • Assess employees individually, facilitate workshops, and give career guidance.

Potential Careers

Potential placements for graduates in Human Resource Development include:

  • Any business with training needs
  • State and local agencies including police, fire, health
  • Private training agencies such as Humro, Booz-Allen Hamilton, etc
  • Health care training
  • Any agency or business that has adult employees that need training and development
  • Military, civilian employees and military employees. Student internships will follow the interests of the student and reflect the list above.